Meet the TEAM at C.P. Dean! Our starting and supporting line-ups are sure to please the customer. Whichever staff member works with and for you, each is devoted to keeping happy customers by serving that customer with a professional and helpful attitude and to KNOWING not only each area of C.P. Dean but knowing you. We want to keep our customers happy. Drop by, email, call, or all of the above and get to know us at C.P. Dean!

Sarah Ball

Sarah is a young entrepreneur who grew up learning of the legendary growth and exceptional quality of C.P. Dean, as her parents own its neighboring business, Ball Office Products. Before acquiring C.P. Dean, with her parents, Melissa & Jonathan Ball, Sarah graduated from William & Mary with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy and Economics. She holds the Masters Degree  in Public Administration and Policy from American University. Sarah has learned nearly every part of the business including cue repair, lasering awards, and orders all game room items for the store. In her free time, she enjoys training her dogs Milo, Boogie, Alfie, and umpiring lacrosse and field hockey games across the mid-Atlantic.

Clint Irving 

Clint began working at C.P. Dean in 1988. He started as a mechanic and quickly stepped into a management role. Clint leads the awards and trophies  department and serves a critical role in the game room department. Necessary pool table check-ups? Need awards and trophies ordered, engraved, and ready on time? Clint Irving and C.P. Dean have it all “in the pocket"! In his free time, you can find Clint attending his grandsons’ basketball games or watching Pittsburgh Steelers football!

Steven Emory

Steven began working at C.P. Dean in 2022, and quickly distinguished himself as the lead for pool table installation. In December of 2023, Steven moved to Virginia Beach,VA where he is currently manager of our Tidewater location in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake. Steven grew up in Chesterfield, VA, attending Manchester High School. He is married to his wife, Tiffany, and enjoys spending time with his family at the beach and his daughter at her softball games. Steven is also an active member of the Billiard Congress of America  and of the  American Poolplayers Association. This enthusiast of billiards lends a knowledge and expertise to C.P. Dean that helps make the reputation of excellence and ethics even stronger than it’s legend!

Trudy Yeager

Trudy has spent decades in the awards and game room industries, coming to C. P. Dean  from West End Trophies. Trudy lights up every room she is in and is known for coining the term “Oh Okay!” Friendly and inviting with a seasoned approach, everyone loves Trudy!  You can find Trudy answering the phones, greeting customers, or making sure every plaque order is done to customer satisfaction! In her free time, you can find Trudy hanging out in Myrtle Beach and spending time with her husband Tom.

Kristen Knesal

Kristen is a helpful addition to our up-front team. Kristen grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia where she graduated Covenant Upper School in 2018. She graduated from Liberty University and has a Bachelors of Music degree specializing in Commercial Music (December of 2022). She might have a degree in music, but that helps her out with her math skills and creative side. At the office, she’s always happy to help anyone with a smile on her face. That creativity is helpful in helping customers choose and visualize product. In her free time, she loves writing music, going on adventures, and  traveling, painting,and  hanging with her friends, and having a glass of wine with her family and with her partner in crime, Matt.

Gene Taylor

Gene re-joined the C.P. Dean team from West End Trophies - Bowling & Billiards on August 30th, 2022. He originally worked for the company in the early 70’s before starting his own business. Gene is a master tradesman who can custom engrave, repair cue sticks, drill bowling balls, recover pool tables, and much more. Not only does he help out with customer service, but he also steps in wherever needed to make sure that the customer receives an outstanding product on time! In his free time, you can find Gene on the golf course or spending time with his wife Lois and four daughters.

The Engravers

Our team has gurus on the machines that operate four scratch engravers, three CO2 lasers, two sublimation set-ups, and a sand blaster. They churn out some pretty neat awards including six feet tall trophies, custom brass plaques, crystal awards, and much more. While not often seen or heard, our company would be nowhere without them!

The Billiard Mechanics

What would a billiard table be without cloth? Without it being level? Without it being put together? Pool tables are heavy and an understanding of the inner-workings requires a high level of knowledge and skill. Our mechanics are masterminds in assembling, disassembling, moving, re-covering, re-rubbering, and servicing nearly anything that can be done to nearly any type of pool table.


Milo is C.P. Dean’s beloved mascot. In his free-time in the office, you can find him napping on his designated chair, chewing on a bone, or escaping out of Sarah’s office and running off into the pool tables in the back room. He often skips work and stays home with grandma, holding the worst attendance record of all employees. When he does attend work, Milo’s smiling face and desire to play tug-of-war is sure to put a smile on your face.