Galaga Galore

Galaga Galore

What’s a game room without an arcade addition? An arcade game is definitely the place that I’m drawn to most when I’m out with family or friends. It brings people together because no matter what generation you are, you always go back to the classics for some good ole’ nostalgia. One of my favorite classic arcade games growing up was Galaga. It was one of my dad’s favorite games when he was a kid – no surprise he turned out to be a future pilot. My dad taught my brother, Sam, and I how to play when we visited the roller skating rink as kids. I remember how excited we would get playing Galaga, PacMan, DonkeyKong, DigDug, and Frogger. We obsessed over beating our opponent’s high score so much that sometimes we forgot what time it was…even when the arcade was closing! 

When Sam and I became teenagers, my dad refinished our basement to make it a nice gaming room for our home. He added a full bar set, a movie theater room, a pool table, and to our surprise and delight an arcade game set. It was one of those cocktail sit down arcade games that came with over 75 classic games in one machine. Honestly, one of the best purchases he ever made. Every time dad came home from a long trip, we went downstairs to continue playing Galaga until all hours of the night. It truly bonded us together as a family, and I keep those fond memories close.

Currently at the C.P. Dean showroom, we have two upright arcade games and one cocktail multiplayer game, just like the one from my story. The two upright arcade games include 60 classic games including PacMan, Galaga, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Centipede, and so much more. They have 26” LG Monitor, external volume control, and scratch resistant tempered glass; and it also includes LED light up buttons, joysticks, trackballs, and strip lighting underneath the cabinet. The cocktail game has these things included as well, and also castors and leg levelers.

The more I dig deeper into this world of C.P. Dean, the more different and amazing activities I see someone can add to their home. This is one great example why C.P. Dean is a great company. When we say “We Deliver Fun,” we actually mean all fun. We don’t only cater to the billiards side of things, we have such a variety of fun for all. An arcade game is one of the many things in a game room that has started a new generation of family memories. My family’s story is a great example of what I’m sure many others. I hope that when a family walks into our showroom and the kids see the arcade games, the parents will smile brightly and pass on the knowledge of these classic games like my father did for me.

We hope to see you soon, and happy choosing!

–Kristen Kowalski

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