Expansion of The Dart Wall

Expansion of The Dart Wall

Approximately two years ago, we received a Google review about our darts selection. To our delight, it was a 5-star review. We truly appreciate customers who take the added time to post a review to our profile. We read them and take customer’s comments to heart - perhaps sometimes too much. These reviews spread our name and help potential customers know that there is a small, local place that allows people to try out any dart before they buy it. Though the review that was left initially was positive, the words “selection of darts isn’t massive” were included. In my head, these words transcribed to ‘small but mighty’. Anyone who’s met me knows “small” is not in my vocabulary. I am bold and do things with intense willpower. So alas, our darts wall expanded.

We now have hundreds of sets of darts on the wall, likely a thousand or so flights, four different types of flight systems, at least 20 different types of cases with various styles, and we even added a soft tip section to the offerings. One of my favorite things we’ve done is find confidence in five steel tip boards that we offer. They are well displayed at the top of the slat wall.

  1. The DMI Brigadier

The best budget dartboard! This board is staple free and comes with bristle throughout the board. It has powder coated numbers and holds up well.

  1. The Razor Shot

One step up from the Brigadier, this dartboard comes with an even thinner wiring system and is made of African Sisal, allowing the board to grip darts better and reduce wear.

  1. The Alien

The Alien comes with bright colors, African Sisal bristles, and ultra-thin wiring. This board is well recognized as the best board for tough environments, like breweries and bars.

  1. The Winmau Blade 6

Winmau brings the best dartboard on the market with the highest level of playability, durability, and performance. Winmau boards are made in England with the best wiring and fibers available.

  1. The Winmau Blade 6 Tri-Core

 The Triple Core Carbon Winmau board brings all of the typical features of a Winmau dartboard with the added high compression layer featuring sisal reinforced with carbon fiber. This reinforcement increases dart retention in the board and reduces wear.

These dart board offerings have allowed us to please both the entry level individual adding a dartboard to the back porch for the kids to impale with steel points and also the league players at Chester Junction.

We enjoy being the home to hobbyists on Saturdays who want to pick out funky flights while also being the store for people to be able to feel and test the true difference between a 21 gram dart and a 25 gram dart. I mean seriously, it’s impossible to understand the difference between the weight of a dart, the length of a barrel, or the shape of the flight without testing it out yourself. Why buy online, when you can test it out in store first and have it in hand that day to play with some buddies on a weekend?

I’ve had so much fun getting to learn more about darts and spending time with more people in the darts world. I’ve even learned some new sayings off of dart flights, ones I do not plan to use in my daily vocabulary and thankfully found some solace in the goofy ones.

We hope you will come visit to test some darts out on our wall.

See you soon,

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