Gently Used Pool Tables for Sale


We actively pursue gently used pool tables for sale throughout Virginia, and then completely refurbish and refinish these tables!

As a premier pool table distributor, we realize that a new pool table might not always fit within your budget, so we’re happy to offer gently used pool tables for sale to folks throughout Virginia! Here’s how it works:

What We Look For in Purchasing a Gently Used Pool Table 

We search diligently for gently used pool tables for sale, whether from past customers looking to downsize (or upgrade), from online sources, or from referrals that meet our specific criteria.  Once we find a used pool table that is in good enough condition for us to refurbish, we “work our magic” and refinish it! The finished product will be resold at a discounted price, delivering years and years of premium quality!

What To Expect When Purchasing a Used Pool Table

When you purchase a used pool table from C.P Dean, you’ll receive much more than just another pool table. We aim to deliver the ultimate “one stop shop” buying experience for all of your pool and billiard related needs!  With every used pool table purchase, we include delivery and installation (note: travel fees may apply for used pool table deliveries outside of Richmond,VA.  Ask us for details) at no charge, as well as a complete new playing equipment package free!  Each new playing equipment package includes completely new accessories, including new pool cues, balls, a new triangle, pool table brush, cover, wall rack and chalk!

As an added bonus from purchasing from C.P. Dean, you can select a new pool table cloth from our selection of 28 pool table felt colors, to give your pool table that fully customized look and feel!

What If We Don’t Have The Exact Used Pool Table in Stock to Meet your Needs? 

For years, we’ve seen demand for used pool tables throughout Virginia rising. Due to the way we carefully hand select each table, we only carry anywhere from 4-8 tables at any given time…and the truth is, these tables move quickly!  

Point being: we meet new customers every day who want a very specific used pool table, and not always do we have that exact table in house. The good news? We can go out and find a used table that best fits your needs, bring it in house, repair and refurbish that table, and then customize the felt to match exactly what you want!  Just stop in or call us to discuss how this process works.  Whether we have the used pool table you desire in house or if we need to go out and find it for you, we can almost always get you a beautifully refurbished used pool table at a very reasonable price! 



Recent Used Pool Table Inventory 

7′ Olhausen Table. Solid oak with medium finish. 1″ slate bed. All warranties in full effect!

‘ American Heritage table. All wood with 1″ slate bed. Perfect condition, looks like new!

8′ Brunswick Buckingham.
Done in walnut finish with 1″ slate bed. Ready for your choice of felt!

8′ AMF.
 Rich Cherry Finish-Excellent Condition. Add your touch with your choice of a new felt color!


8′ Olhausen Reno. One of their most popular styles! This dark cherry beauty will sell fast.  

If you have any questions about what type of used pool table will best fit your lifestyle and budget, call us at 
(804) 355-6588 or contact C.P. Dean online! We welcome the opportunity to provide you with an excellent buying experience, and to give you the best pool table for the best value!