Table Tennis

Gaming is a way of life for the family at C.P. Dean!  While we are best known throughout Virginia for pool tables, awards, and billiard service, we also have decades upon decades of helping homeowners like you choose the best ping pong table to fit your needs, budget, and space! Come stop in the store to see the our table tennis offerings in-person or give us a call at 804-355-6588.

For the past 40 years, Cornilleau has evolved into the world leader in table tennis design, with highly innovative and top-quality products centered around a new ‘laminate’ concept for outdoor ping tables, along with a “Compact Technology”, that combines ergonomics, safety and design. Click here to view Cornilleau’s website.

A highly comprehensive range of leisure products developed for top-level competition, their products are available in over 75 countries around the world. All the Cornilleau tables are designed, developed and manufactured in France. The very heart of the company remains in Bonneuil-les-Eaux in the Picardy region, where the Cornilleau family originates. Within this hub is a research and development laboratory: a ‘Made in France’ think tank, intended to create, design and fashion all of the products.

Table Tennis Conversion Top

Add a little excitement to your family game night with a Table Tennis Conversion Top. This professional grade conversion system transforms your standard billiard table into a regulation ping pong table in seconds! Sure enough, each kit comes with everything you need to play – competition-style net, paddles, center support blocks, and balls.

  • All black playing field with scratch resistant finish will look new longer, even with heavy play
  • Heavy duty foam backing prevents pool table rails from getting scratched and the tabletop from slipping
  • 9 ft x 5 ft
  • Kit comes complete with competition clamp, net system, two paddles, three balls, and two support blocks.

Cornilleau Black Code Outdoor Table

Cornilleau Black Code Outdoor Table

This Black Code Ping Pong table is endowed with a neat and modern design, including arched legs for a greater stability, big wheels like an adventurer, and racket holders on the sides. Easy opening and folding of the net to save some space. This table tennis table has top of the range features and will be perfect for fun games at a reasonable cost and triumphant design for your garden.

            • 5mm Softmap Tabletop
            • Non-Corrosive Aluminum Zinc Alloy Frame
            • XXL Wheels
            • Balls and Racquets
            • Fixed Net
            • Corner Bumpers
            • 10 Year Outdoor Warranty
Durability of the Black Code Outdoor Table

Cornilleau 250 Indoor Table

This ping pong table offers great value for the money. With its system for adjusting the net and its ball storage compartment, the sport 250 indoor is a superior table, offering great comfort for users due to its optimized compact technology storage system. The sport 250 indoor is designed for leisure use and is perfect for your first family ping pong tournaments.

            • Adjustable Leg Pads
            • Special Indoor Wheels with 2 Brakes
            • 30mm Thick Frame
            • Balls, Racquets, & Net included
                • Integrated Double Security Release Handle
                • 3 Year Warranty

Limited Quanitites available

Cornilleau Tables (Limited Stock)


Strive for excellence with the 500M! With its sturdy build, this tennis table is ready for intense practice. Put your ping pong skills to the test with this excellent outdoor table. After seeing your outdoor family duels and friendly competition, your jealous neighbors will wish they had one of their own!

  • XXL wheels with brakes
  • 7 mm tabletop
  • Arched legs with adjustable leg pad (120 mm)
  • Retractable net
  • Storage for both rackets and balls

Table Tennis Accessories

We offer a multitude of accessories at our retail location including: 

  • Replacement nets
  • Paddles
  • Balls
  • Outdoor covers
  • Conversion top caddys