Air Hockey Tables

We’ve all had those nights… pumping quarter after quarter into the air hockey machine at the arcade. The Click-Clack of the puck flying from one end of the table really brings back the nostalgia, and C.P. Dean has what you need to capture it permanently!  

With tons of different styles, sizes, brands and color’s, C.P. Dean is your one stop shop for air hockey tables in Richmond, VA! Whether you’re a child or just one at heart, air hockey tables provide that quintessential “Just FUN!” experience. Like all of the things that we do here at C.P. Dean, we’re seasoned veterans when it comes to air hockey Tables. We’ve got the experience, know-how and selection to ensure that you’re going home with the right air hockey Table for you, your family, and the whole neighborhood!

So give us a shout If you need some help with your quest to recapture those great nights around the air hockey Table – C.P. Dean’s been the best place in Richmond, Virginia to buy air hockey tables for a long time now, and we are always happy to help!

About C. P. Dean’s Air Hockey Table Selection

We’ve got a table for everyone! If you don’t see the one you’re looking for, give us a call!

/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Air-Hockey-Table-Fat-Cat-Storm-MMXI.jpgOG Euro Series (Slick Ice)

Sizes:88” x 48” x 31”

Sleek and agile it’s modern appearance belies its ancient roots.

Assembled Weight: 275 Lbs.

Shipped Size (L x W x H): 90” x 50” x 9”

Shipped Weight: 380 Lbs.Apron Height: 3” 



Fat Cat Storm MMXI Air Hockey Tables available at C. P. Dean in Richmond, VAFat Cat Storm MMXI Air Hockey Table

Weather forecasts can cause excitement, so can this air powered hockey table. It’s the hoopla coming from the rec room that sounds like thunder that gives this table it’s name. The Storm Air Hockey Table offers intense, fast-paced fun that will keep your friends and family entertained for hours. Its 110v motor and smooth playing surface ensures back and forth action and non-stop excitement. The sleek metallic look of this table is sure to compliment any home. Perfect for those stormy days, or any day!






Atomic Blazer Air Hockey Table

The Atomic Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table makes for a lovely gift for your child. It is constructed from plastic that enhances its strength and durability. The air hockey table has a black and white finish that gives it a nice appeal. It includes four black strikers and four black 3” pucks that make it a great set for the game. The table has pedestal legs that give it firm support and stability. It features a flip up electronic scoring for added functionality. The air hockey table has 0.75” gloss PVC laminated play bed with 120 volts blower motor for fast play. This Blazer 7′ Air Hockey Table from Atomic is a nice addition for any home.





If you have any questions about what kind of air hockey table, pucks, or air hockey accessories you’ll enjoy the most, please call us at (804) 355-6588 or contact C.P. Dean online! We’ve been serving the Richmond area for a long time, and have the knowledge, products and vast experience with air hockey tables to get you in the game!